The EEZ WebPublish extension for OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer enable conversion of .odt file format to HTML and EPUB formats, copy of body text and CSS to clipboard and publishing to Joomla, WordPress CMS using Movable Type XML RPC.

Thanks to WebPublish it is possible to automate and speed up publishing procedure from single source (i.e. .odt file) to PDF, HTML, other document management applications (using clipboard), EPUB for e-book readers and Internet CMS (Joomla and WordPress).



WebPublish extension installation is described below and working with different output formats/destinations are described in following topics:

Requirements and installation

The WebPublish require installed OpenOffice or LibreOffice package and Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE could require to be enabled explicitly. Go to Tools... Options and under Java a list of all available JRE versions will be displayed (an example is shown on Fig. 1). Be sure that Use a Java runtime environment option is selected and one of JRE version from the list of installed JREs.


Fig. 1: Installed Java runtime environment (JRE)


WebPublish can be installed as any other OpenOffice/LibreOffice extension (.oxt file) by double-clicking on it or using Add... button that can be found on Tools... Extension Manager... form (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2: OpenOffice Extension Manager


Successfully installed WebPublish will appear on the list of all installed extensions.

Restart OpenOffice/LibreOffice before continue with WebPublish settings.


Fig. 3: WebPublish extension is installed


WebPublish settings are stored in Profiles, and four examples that comes with installation, each contains settings for one of supported type of conversion/publishing destination, will be displayed when Options... is selected (Fig. 4).


Fig. 4: WebPublish profiles


New profile can be added with Add option (Fig. 5), Edit what will be described for each profile type separately, or Delete. Additionaly it's possible to Save collection of all profiles on the disk (.wpp file type) and Load it back from the file.


Fig. 5: New profile selection