Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NeezNamespace for the everything from the EEZ
 NimguiSimple reusable immediate mode GUI
 NpsuPSU firmware
 Narduino_utilUtility code (PROGMEM access) for Arduino platform
 NcalibrationChannel calibration procedure
 NdatetimeSystem date and time
 NdebugEverything used for the debugging purposes
 NguiGUI for local control using TFT with touch
 Npersist_confStore/restore of persistent configuration data (device configuration, calibration parameters, profiles) using external EEPROM
 NprofilePSU configuration profiles (save, recall, ...)
 NscpiSCPI commands
 NsimulatorFirmware simulator
 NarduinoArduino API simulation
 NchipsSimulation of chips
 Nfront_panelGUI front panel for the simulator
 NsoundPlay simple sound tunes
 NtemperatureTemperature measurement and protection
 NutilVarious utility functions