Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NeezNamespace for the everything from the EEZ
 NimguiSimple reusable immediate mode GUI
 CTextureImage and font texture that can be rendered using SDL_Renderer
 CWindowTop level window, high level interface
 CWindowDefinitionDescription of the top level winodow, i.e. title, width, height, ..
 CWindowImplImplementation of the Window
 NpsuPSU firmware
 NcalibrationChannel calibration procedure
 NdatetimeSystem date and time
 NdebugEverything used for the debugging purposes
 NguiGUI for local control using TFT with touch
 Npersist_confStore/restore of persistent configuration data (device configuration, calibration parameters, profiles) using external EEPROM
 NprofilePSU configuration profiles (save, recall, ...)
 NscpiSCPI commands
 NsimulatorFirmware simulator
 NtemperatureTemperature measurement and protection
 CAnalogDigitalConverterAnalog to digital converter HW used by the channel
 CChannelPSU channel
 CDigitalAnalogConverterDigital to analog converter HW used by the channel
 CIOExpanderIO Expander HW used by the channel